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07 October 2014 @ 01:44 pm


Hey ya'll. My name is Jules. :) It's nice to meet you. Just a couple of things!
Most of my more personal entires, fics, and graphics are friends only.
 However, things like random news and fangasming probably won't be.
If you happen across any entires and think you might want to be my friend, 
all you have to do is comment in this post telling me how you found me or
why you're adding me. That's only because random requests make me a
little bit nervous. xD I'll definitely friend anyone back, but PLEASE COMMENT FIRST

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26 December 2010 @ 06:46 pm


17 December 2010 @ 03:17 am

Spoilers Alert!

... Well that was hard. I basically bawled through any episode that mentioned Jonathan. Especially the one where Clark sees him when he dies for a [too-brief] period of time. ajgpag_PAHG)PA{GHY){Agagh PAPA SCHNEIDER!!!! ;o;

I'm still not over that, by the way. It's a very sensitive subject.. and will be for awhile... I get attached to my fandoms. ;3;

So Lex is possessed by "Zod." Okay. Get the fuck out of him.

I'm starting the sixth season tomorrow. Let me just say this: As much of a 'good' guy as Lionel is starting to seem, I'm not going to let his recent "Oh I'm actually quite nice" change of persona affect me just yet. Remember when he had Lex committed, then gave the okay for the memory-erasing procedure that had a fifty-fifty chance of turning him into a vegetable? Just because Lex had found out a dirty little secret of Papa Luthor's? 

Remember ADAM?

Yes, Ian Somerhalder before he was a smexy vampire, was a smexy guy brought back from the dead. Who was basically tortured and used by Lionel - held captive and left to slowly rot away, dying a painful death - but mercifully he was killed by a bullet reflected from Clark. Remember that? Remember all the other hideous things Lionel's done? Switched bodies with Clark and was going to leave it like that, condemning Clark to life in prison as Lionel? 


AND THAT IS SOMETHING I CAN NEVER FORGIVE HIM FOR (or the other stuff, to be honest.) 

It's going to be hard not seeing him in the opening anymore. ;___; And no longer on the discs... Instead of him, it's now Lionel next to Martha. She better not have a love affair with that bastard. Though, in typical Smallville "Oh my god this is so predictable" fashion, they've hinted around to it at least eighty times. That and the fact Clark will end up with Lois at some point. Have I mentioned yet how I ship Lana and Lex? Yeah... that's something I never saw coming. By 'that' I mean, me actually shipping them. But that first [real] kiss they shared, I was literally saying "GET IT".

At least season six will have a couple of perks to get my mind off of the fact my fandom HURT ME DEEP BY KILLING OFF PAPA. Jimmy Olson! And Victor, who is pretty darn fine~

12 December 2010 @ 07:30 pm
I just. I can't even. For so long I've missed them... Oh babies, I'm so glad you're back. I want to cry. ;___;
Now all of DBSK are officially still active. -just weeps- I miss them together so bad, but they're all still active... That's so much less painful than if any of them 'disappeared.' It's still painful, it still hurts, but at least I can still watch them doing new things and know they're still around. And have hope that one day.... they'll stand as five again and that W on the stage will be complete. ;_;
02 December 2010 @ 07:54 pm
I've recently gotten back into my beloved fandom Smallville, and restarted Season Five (which was where I left off on when I was on my seven-month-long-Smallville-hiatus.) Now it's halfway over and I've still got five more yummy seasons to go after that.

So PLEASE. Any Smallville fans that I might encounter as I'm getting back into my heroin. NO. SPOILERS PAST SEASON FIVE. (Even though I'm only halfway done with this one, I know what happens in each episode, so spoiler alert is for AFTER season five. o_O)

I am only watching the show for Lex, at this point. The other characters are, to be frank, becoming annoying. Even more annoying than they've been for the entire series. O_O 

The plot? Ehh. It's becoming steadily boring and drawn-out. I hope season six presents something new and exciting, but that isn't Lex becoming the main 'bad guy' already, because the day that comes will be the day my heart breaks in two! He's such an intricate, amazing character chock-full of character development and a lovely representation of the perfect villain - the villain you love so much and feel so sorry for, and want so badly to see have the love and happiness they crave and deserve, but you know deep down that one day the bad has to overcome the good.

Just, please, I hope the writers keep that good in Lex to the point viewers can still see it in later seasons. I just finished bawling over our dear Lex right now, as a matter of fact - [It was the Christmas episode where he has a dream about what his life could be, and ends up spending Christmas all alone in a hospital room watching the snow fall in the night.] Yeah. Very sad stuff. ;_;

This show will be the death of me.

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25 November 2010 @ 04:22 am

If Sarah Palin becomes the next leader of our country, I'm outta here.
That is all.

23 November 2010 @ 11:19 pm

I realized something, today, as I was sat watching 2AM perform Proposal live and it nearly brought tears to my eyes how perfect and beautiful it was.

I will never get to see any of the bands that I love live.

Let me specify that - any of the Korean bands I love, live.

And since Kpop has taken over my life, my finances, my heart, and my soul... That's a pretty depressing realization.

It may sound dramatic, but honestly I think I'm entitled to feeling a little bit depressed about it. I mean, people follow and love bands with all of their hearts, and I don't see how loving a Korean band is any more ridiculous than loving a band that lives or tours in your own country. People scream and cry and freak out at the prospect of getting to see their favorite bands over here; how is it any different for me to become emotional and long to see a band that is from South Korea? People seem not to take me seriously sometimes [I mean people who know me in real life] because for some reason they think it's silly that I fangirl over these bands, spend my money on them, and am upset when I can't go to see them.

 But it is upsetting. I feel like I'm living in the entirely wrong place. I'm into the Korean culture, I love it; it's what I think about, talk about, dream about. These bands are who I follow, who I adore, who I love with all my heart. And I'll never see them.

People say, "If you really wanted to, you'd find a way."

Okay. Maybe you live down Southeast and managed to find a way to LA for the SM Town 2010 concert. Maybe you were able to get up to New York for the JYJ Showcase. That's fine, and great, and I'm glad you're lucky enough to have been able to do that. But not everybody can do that. I live in Alabama, and I can't just get into a car or a plane and go somewhere hours and hours away. I don't have the money. I have to take care of my family. I don't have anywhere to stay. I don't have anyone to go with, and I can not go to New York or LA by myself. These reasons and more, kept me back from seeing my beloved artists. Yes I'm well-aware if I had gotten to go to SM Town 2010 and the NY showcase that means I would have seen all of TVXQ. Yes I know that the future for SM artists is anything but certain, and that these might have been my last chances to see the ones I adore so much. Yes I know that 2AM's first full-length album is a huge, wonderful deal, and that seeing it performed live would be a mindblowing experience.

Thank you very much for reminding me. [I am talking to the rather rude people who seem to find pleasure in flaunting their experiences in my face, but I have the decency not to say anything to about it, because it isn't worth my time.]

I really am happy for the people who get to go. It must be really something, seeing your idols there on stage before you. I'm not envious, nor would I take those experiences from you if it meant I'd get to have them. I would never do that to someone. I just mean, people who judge me for being upset and sad by saying 'Oh, you could have gone if you'd really wanted to,' no I could not have, so please don't say such a thing to me. If there was an ounce of a possibility I could have gone, I would have worked my ass off to get there. But I am also a realist and I know that some things are impossible.

That said, I think I deserve to feel a little bit down. This fandom can be very painful - not just because of the disheartening news that so often surrounds it, but also because it is a fandom I can only ever be a part of from the outside, longing to experience it from the inside, but separated due to finances and location. I'm a part of so many international forums, and each time there is a project for artists, or people establish 'meet up' locations, I can never be a part of that. Like I said, it's like I'm on the outside looking into something my heart so longs to belong to, but I can never truly be a part of.

Here are the artists that I would have liked to have seen before I die:
FT Island
TVXQ [HoMin and JYJ]
Super Junior
Super Junior M

I'm not trying to be morbid or get sympathy. I just kind of need to feel sad about it sometimes. It's just when you really love and are into something and there comes a point when you realize, 'Hey. This [collecting merchandise, pictures, spazzing online] is as far as I can go,' it's a bit disheartening. Really disheartening, really.
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19 November 2010 @ 01:59 am

will I be able to? o_O oh god please


"A showcase of the first official album of star idol group 2AM entitled "Saint o'clock" will be produced as a 3D movie.

Their agency Big Hit Entertainment said on October 20, "2AM will hold a showcase at Ax Korea located in Kwangjingu on October 27, and their performance during the showcase will be recorded using a 3D camera and then will be released at the movie theater".

The showcase will be held as a part of the project entitled "Live In", in which the SKT company films the content of performances such as concerts and musicals using a 3D camera and releases them in movie theaters. 2AM's showcase to be produced as a 3D movie will be the second following that of singer Wheesung.

Members of 2AM are planning to sing their new songs included in their new album as well as their previous hit songs such as "Even If I Die, I Can't Send You Away" on the stage.

In addition, 2AM will hold their first solo concert entitled "Saint o'clock" in the Hwajung Gymnasium at Korea University from December 24 through 26."

source http://english.kbs.co.kr/

Please somebody put this up on youtube / any site
I don't even need Eng subs for the jokes and talk sessions on stage and such
I can sacrifice that ;_; As long as I can hear their beautiful voices and see their smiles
and omg please let this become available outside of that movie theater
Please ;_;
I'll never get to see them live... but this would be such an epic thing to get to see. It'd feel like being part of one of their concerts!
I've never wanted anything more. :(
Please please please JYP / Big Hit release this on DVD! Please! I will do anything! 

16 November 2010 @ 02:52 am

Well I changed my default avatar and all of my journal posts' avatars got set to default, somehow, even though I had established user pics for most of them. O____O Pee-Wee, you fucking took over!! I'm gonna have to go in and edit them back because I'm OCD like that.

On a side note, I am severely missing several things:

Smallville (Oh god Alexander -aka Lex- Luthor how I fucking love you)

DN Angel (I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss the anime; the manga's just gotten so confusing and I can't keep up with the current arc nor understand it)

Fruits Basket (I've read it at least three times. Still breaks my heart each time, but damn do I miss that Hatori)

Saltwater Taffy (Mey mentioned it earlier and I realized it's been about three years since I've had some... Wasn't it three years ago I went to Virginia?)

14 November 2010 @ 04:39 am




WHAT!!! NOOOO. NO NO NO NO. -has a hissy fit and is horrified-

THIS. UGGGH. One of my absolute favorite movies ever! Nooooo.

I remember when I first watched Old Boy, I wanted to share it with some of my friends. So I was all, "Watch this! :D" and even linked them to a HD version with subs and they were like, ".... What? Subs? Um... no." And they went and watched the dubbed version and I was just like, ".... HOW CAN YOU EVEN WANT DUBS OVER SUBS IN THIS MOVIE IT RUINS EVERYTHING OH MY GOD."

That was long but I felt like sharing. I really hate dubs. ,_, I don't understand... why you would prefer to hear some edited-in voices as opposed to the authentic voices with the passion and the emotions. And I really hate the idea of a remake of this movie. >:/

"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone."

I love that quote. ;-;